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E-Turtle Electronic Airbag System by Helite

Helite airbag technology - the future of motorcycling safety gear is now in Australia!  Helite airbag vests are a helmet for your body!


A discreet and strong protection to wear over any motorcycle jacket. This electronic wireless model provides an ultra fast fall detection and an excellent protection of the vital parts.

The airbag integrated into the vest absorbs shocks and stabilizes the body from head to tailbone. It offers optimal protection of the neck and cervical and covers the vital parts (thorax and back).

The TURTLE Technology is a breakthrough innovation that significantly improves energy absorption especially of sharp or intruding objects that would otherwise damage the airbag.


Electronic Trigger System

The technology includes several on-board sensors that analyze the situation in real time and allow 360° detection.

When a fall or accident is detected, the airbag inflates automatically before impact.

The sensor integrated in the vest (CDU) follows and analyzes the movements of the biker in real time.

The optional fork sensor (SDU) detects impacts on the motorcycle.

For complete protection it is highly recommended to add a fork sensor on the motorcycle.

- Faster detection and at first impact: We ensure a detection time from 31 ms et 35 km/h.

More accidents covered: protection at standstill and at low speed at any angle.

The e-Turtle airbag integrates the "electronic airbag system" by Helite. Easy to use, simply press the button three times to switch the system on or off.


Helite E-Turtle Airbag advantages

  • Helite's patented design with an airbag each side connected with a CE2 approved backplate ensures the impact is absorbed and the energy is dispersed 
  • The head strike is delayed and the bran decelerates sooner preventing many traumatic brain injuries
  • The head and vertebrae stay straight in place preventing whiplash injury and hyper-flexion
  • Big reflective stripes


E-Turtle provides direct protection for your:

  • neck
  • vertebrae
  • thorax
  • hips
  • abdomen
  • tailbone


+ Indirect protection for your:

  • head
  • liver
  • lungs
  • pancreas
  • heart
  • collarbone


CO2 Cartridge

The size of the CO2 canister is proportional to the size of the airbag. The canister is the only component that needs to be replaced after inflation of your air vest.

An additional protective PVC Plate and foam is placed behind the canister so that it cannot injure the rider.


Fitting Instructions

The E-Turtle Airbag Vest should fit exactly the same as any other Helite Airbag as the product is designed to expand outwards on activation. You may consider upsizing this product by one size as we find the French sizing to come up a little smaller than we are used to here in Australia. The jacket can be adjusted accordingly using the various velcro straps.



Every E-Turtle comes with a canister – extra canisters can be bought separately.


Disclaimer - Airbag Systems Australia

Airbag Systems Australia PTY LTD with the ABN 88632363921 assumes no product liability for personal injury or property damage that may result from the use of HELITE AIRBAG TECHNOLOGY.


Disclaimer - Helite France Manufacturer

Visit our Disclaimer Site for the original Disclaimer, warranty and storage from the original manufacturer Helite in France.