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The first wearable airbag vest that protects cyclists in case of fall or accident.

The system uses a smart algorithm that analyzes motion in context: when an accident is detected by the system, the vest inflates automatically to protect the body and ensures an optimal protection before the impact.



The vest offers an optimal protection of the thorax, the back and the neck: 3 vital areas which can be seriously injured in a case of an accident



The combination between shock detection and fall detection.


2 sensors communicating with each other:

  • The CDU sensor (crash detector unit) located inside the vest which analyzes motion in context (cyclist’s position, speed...) and detects falls. The saddle sensor located under the saddle which detects the shocks and communicate with the CDU.


  • 2 kind of detection:
  • Without a shock: The «CDU» detects the fall and activate the airbag if it is needed.
  • With a shock: the «saddle sensor» detects the shock, send an alert to the CDU sensor which will determine if there is an accident and if it should trigger the airbag or not







The cartridge is the only component that needs to be replaced after inflation of your B'SAFE airbag vest. The size of the CO2 canister is proportional to the size of the airbag. If you need help on how to replace the cartridge, please click HERE.

An additional protective PVC Plate and foam is placed behind the cartridge so that it cannot injure the rider.




The B'SAFE smart airbag vest should fit exactly the same as any other Helite Airbag as the product is designed to expand outwards on activation. You may consider upsizing this product by one size as we find the French sizing to come up a little smaller than we are used to here in Australia.






Every Turtle 2 comes with a cartridge inserted – extra cartridges can be bought separately.



The vest comes with a 2 year warranty. You can benefit from an extended 2 year warranty if you register your vest online within 3 months after your purchase on: my.helite.com.




Airbag Systems Australia PTY LTD with the ABN 88632363921 assumes no product liability for personal injury or property damage that may result from the use of HELITE AIRBAG TECHNOLOGY.



Visit our Disclaimer Site for the original Disclaimer, warranty and storage from the original manufacturer Helite in France



•This product is “Certified CE (compliance with EU Regulation 2016/425) by ALIENOR CERTIFICATION, Zone du Sanital, 21 Rue Albert Einstein CHATELLERAULT-Franceorganisme notifié n° 2754“ • Please note that no body protector can prevent death or serious injuries in certain accidents. • Helite and its distributors will be held in no way responsible for any bodily injury or death, and/or property damage that may occur while using any Helite airbag garment. • Helite and its distributors accept no responsibility or liability for any improper installation and usage of B’Safe. • Helite and its distributors cannot be held responsible should the airbag garment not inflate • In some cases, the minimum speed to detect the accident is 11 km/h. • The vest does not cover 100% of risks during an accident. • The vest does not detect 100% of accidents. • The vest does not protect from all upper body injuries. • B’Safe does not protect parts outside the airbag (the coccyx for example). • Any modification, misuse or improper storage of the device may cause malfunction. • This PPE does not contain any allergenic substances. It does not cause any irritation or discomfort to the user.



Before reusing the airbag you must check the following points:


  • the cartridge is replaced by a new Helite cartridge of the same capacity.
  • the airbag is deflated.
  • the new cartridge is connected with the vest.


Other precautions before use:

  • the vest is adjusted correctly to your size.
  • the vest is zipped up to the top.
  • the vest is charged (green LED on).
  • the saddle sensor is paired with the vest. the green LED is ON and flashes.



  • Follow the guidelines below to enjoy a long and reliable use of your airbag garment when stored:
  • Avoid high temperatures (direct sunlight, if left in a vehicle, near a heat source or flame).
  • Do not cover with anything heavy.
  • Do not fold or roll. It is best to store the vest on a hanger.
  • Do not close the vest completely.
  • Do not leave within reach of rodents or other animals.
  • Keep out of children’s reach.